Working With Securus Technologies to Apprehend Criminals

I work on the fugitive task force, and my job involves gather information that will lead to the arrest of fugitive suspects. This can be very challenging work for a number of reason. The biggest issue that we encounter when we are trying to catch these fugitives is that they have a network of family and friends who either harbor or help the fugitive to transition to their new lifestyle.


To help me to bring these suspects to justice, I have to rely on modern technology and try to stay one step ahead of the suspects. These days, the suspects have developed a numbers of unique ways to blend right into the city they decide to stay. The only thing that we have going for us is that we can make many mistakes during the chase, the suspects can only make one mistake before they are caught.


Those of use who work at the local jail are familiar with Securus Technologies because they installed the new inmate communications system throughout. The training with the system and the LBS software has given us even more tools to help us to find these suspects and get them back into custody.


Utilizing the covert alert feature on this system, we have been able to bring many suspects into custody, and this case was no different. The suspect had been hiding in Mexico, but we knew it was a matter of time before he had to come home to his support network for more cash. The covert alert feature tipped us off that the suspect was going to be in the area, and we knew exactly where he would be going first.


The combination unique of our intelligence and the covert alert feature allowed us to safely apprehend the suspect and put a close to his long stretch on the run.


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