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The Recent age Verification Launch by Yubo

Yubo is a social media app targeting the Gen Z audience. It has become one of the best social platforms to embrace the new age verification tactic. The technique works by the use of live image-taking technology to discover minors using the app from adult users. It distinguishes itself from other social live-streaming apps which

depend on old-fashioned age-gating tactics that cannot be relied on whereby the user fills in an online form.

A large number of kids can lie about their age and gain access to media platforms meant for older users. Access to the platforms by kids has its risks and is not kid-friendly. The app was established in 2015, and its users keep the company in live streaming rooms where they can interact, make new friends and play games. The app is not a content-creating platform and is not in the plan to take that direction. Instead of content creation, Yubo focuses on assisting its users in mingling naturally in a way they are comfortable using.

Yubo’s CEO and Co-founder Sacha Lazimi acknowledge that the urge for online and offline socialization is eminent. The need brought about the creation and instigation of a live video aspect to the users in February 2018. He adds that they take whatever it takes to take offline interaction to add value to the power of technology to ensure that the right people use the app.

The app has over 60 million sign-ups, an upsurge from 40 million in 2020. With the rapid growth in the younger audience, there is a need for safety. Yubo partnered with Yoti, which is a digital identity giver. It assists in vetting probable suspicious users. The app has educational features such as pop-up app gestures.