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Margie Hauser is a professional musician in the music industry. She specializes in writing songs for her clients and playing various instruments for them. As someone who has been around the industry since its inception, she always seeks to improve and expand her skillset. This includes learning new instruments and writing music on topics that have previously been denied to her. She doesn’t just dabble in the music industry but has also worked for some big names, such as Dr. Dre and other renowned artists who specialize in the music industry. Margie Hauser’s professional background is a solid asset to her and her clients because they know they can count on her to deliver quality songs tailored to their needs, whether a country song or a soft rock ballad.

Margie Hauser’s first professional experience in the music industry was during her time at the Berklee College of Music, where she started developing her songwriting skills. Since then, she has had the opportunity to work with some big names in the industry. Her latest achievement is working with Dre, Eminem, and other famous hip-hop artists. “I’m so excited about this song because it’s from a female perspective, which makes it special,” says Margie Hauser. “It’s exciting to work with my team, [which includes] Neil Dorfsman and Eminem, who I’ve been working with. We have great chemistry, and we’re making some beautiful recordings.” Margie Hauser describes the song as a “trap pop song,” a type of music combining trap and pop influences. “The track is called ‘Pray.’ It’s with Eminem and Neil [Dorfman], who produced the track, and they’re both writers. I think it’s great.” Margie Hauser continues to describe the unique aspects of being a female in the industry by saying, “This song is different because I think women are often stereotyped as being soft, especially in hip-hop culture. I think that doesn’t make sense because females have a lot of power and have powerful voices in pop culture and music.”

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