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Alejandro Pena: Leading Keter with a Customer-First Ethos

Alejandro Pena, CEO of Keter, runs the outdoor furniture company with a focus on the needs of the consumer since he sees them as the key to success in the long run. Pena has been with the business for many years and has watched it develop from a modest business to a leader in outdoor furniture on a global scale, with operations in over 70 nations.

In his opinion, a great client experience and excellent customer service should always come first. He has implemented several efforts to guarantee that each customer has the best encounter with the company. They consist of a customer-focused website, an online forum for customer help, and an all-encompassing customer service plan.

Also, he places a lot of attention on customer feedback because it’s crucial for businesses to comprehend what their clients want and need. He has implemented several initiatives for Keter that facilitate consumer input, such as a survey and a customer feedback portal.

Internal operations at Keter also adhere to the customer-first philosophy. Pena has ensured that employees feel respected since they believe that employees and customers should be treated equally. This involves providing competitive wage packages, flexible work schedules, and chances for career advancement.

Pena thinks that the company’s success is largely due to its commitment to putting the needs of its customers first. He thinks businesses should always put their consumers first and work to fulfil their wants and expectations.

Alejandro Pena is the company’s leader and upholds a customer-first philosophy since he thinks that keeping customers happy is the secret to success in the long run. His belief that employees ought to be treated equally to customers has led him to create several efforts to guarantee that consumers get the greatest experience possible. Pena is committed to giving consumers a first-rate experience because this customer-first philosophy has been crucial to Keter’s success.