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Mo Katibeh: A Technology Expert and RingCentral COO

RingCentral is a market leader in unified communications and collaboration technologies, and Mo Katibeh is the company’s Chief Operating Officer (COO). He has held this position since 2018, during which time the company has grown and flourished under his direction. Mo has almost two decades of expertise in the technology business and has held several roles of leadership before joining RingCentral.

Mo began his professional life as a software engineer at Oracle Corporation, where he worked in a variety of positions across engineering and product management. Then, in 2010, Mo accepted a position as Vice President of Business Solutions at Adobe Systems after serving as Director of Business Solutions in Microsoft’s Office Division and General Manager of Microsoft Dynamics CRM. He later became Chief Operating Officer of Adobe Marketing Cloud, where he oversaw all international business for the company.

Mo is currently the Chief Operating Officer at RingCentral, where he oversees all operations and contributes to the company’s growth and success. He is responsible for ensuring that the company’s various departments (product, engineering, customer success, marketing, sales, operations, and finance) are all working together to achieve the company’s goals. Mo also collaborates directly with RingCentral’s management team to create and implement initiatives that boost customer satisfaction and loyalty.

Mo is optimistic about the potential of technology to revolutionize corporate processes. Because he knows that technology can make people stronger and more capable, he is dedicated to helping RingCentral fulfill its promise of streamlining business communication and collaboration.

Mo Katibeh is involved in the IT scene outside of his work at RingCentral and is a regular speaker at conferences and other events. He also serves on the board of the International Game Developers Association, a non-profit group that works to improve the lives and prospects of video game industry professionals.

Mo Katibeh is an accomplished chief operating officer and a seasoned technologist. His breadth of knowledge in the computer sector and enthusiasm for the subject matter make him an asset to RingCentral. Mo is dedicated to assisting RingCentral in fulfilling its purpose of streamlining business communication and collaboration through the use of technology.