Brian McDaniel

Aspire to Inspire


When John Hailer first joined Natixis in January of this year, he faced a daunting task: spearheading the company’s efforts to lead industry trends. And for a good reason. As a generalist, John Hailer grew his international career at JPMorgan and Morgan Stanley before transitioning to a senior leadership role at Vanguard that spanned areas ranging from wealth management to retirement services. There, he developed one of the most important skills needed today in financial services—bringing together stakeholders like fund boards and advisors who are pulling their weight on how companies work with them creatively, holistically, and collaboratively.”

“But imagination is not enough,” says John. “You need talented people who want to make this happen. The idea of collaboration, of giving up something for the greater benefit, can be hard and that’s why you bring in creative independent thinkers who see things differently and see the opportunity. The magic happens when opposing views get together around a table with a common goal.”

“For instance, by partnering with our fund boards, we were able to create a new retirement services platform [that] allows us to offer clients integrated advice and help us fine-tune our fund board relationships,” John says. “Most advisors dream of having this kind of relationship with their fund company, so it’s exciting to help make that possible. And that’s exactly how we approach our business.”

At Natixis, John Hailer is helping the company build on its strong history in the U.S. and Europe. “Natixis stands for integrity, a passion and spirit of innovation,” John says. “We’re a global company with local skills; we work hard, we analyze to understand and we listen to customers to innovate and give our clients better products.”

Particularly exciting is Natixis’ recent submission of the first-ever regulatory filing by an institution for a new type of benefit structure: multi-employer-defined contribution plans in the United States (on behalf of its Invesco Funds).