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Edgard Corona graduated with a degree in Chemical Engineering from FAAP in 1979. Like many other aspiring businesses, Edgard found his path, which typically meant conducting numerous experiments. His choice to pursue chemistry is explained by the fact that the subject interests him because it essentially entails working with ongoing processes.

Being a natural-born businessman, Edgard Corona started his profession at 19. He was still a second-year engineering student and went from being an employee to starting his own company. He first worked in a material analysis lab before moving on to a clothes business with its outlets.

Corona learned from the wildly popular youth clothing firm that manufactured jeans and T-shirts to know what the client wants, not what we believe he wants. But Edgard had to adjust once more. In 1996, he decided to start a new business as an experiment.

Edgard Corona decided to alter his segment at 34. And around halfway there, he came across a ski slope, which affected his life and business career. Edgard had to attend physiotherapy sessions after the skiing accident, and there was nowhere better to conduct them than at his gym. By recently launching Smart Fit on the Brazilian Stock Exchange, The Group made an advancement in its goal to democratize elite fitness.

There weren’t many exercise classes in his part of the world because it didn’t seem like there was much of a need. Given the success of his initial project, Edgard Corona knew he needed to expand his audience. Customers swarm to these businesses because they believe they will figure out how to keep them active at any age.

The money generated by Smart Fit will be put to use to carry out the growth strategy, particularly after the pandemic scenario in Latin America, where the business has branches to know more click here.