Brian McDaniel

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Accelerated innovation patterns, such as globalization and urbanization, are transforming the shape of the global economy. This is especially true for emerging technologies like artificial intelligence (AI). AI impacts everything from healthcare to transportation. But before we can fully understand AI’s implications on our lives, we need to understand what these technologies mean in specific contexts.

1.What is consequential AI

Consequential AI is ElectrifAi’s label for AI that impacts our lives, which believes that, by detailing the impact of AI in specific contexts, we can improve the public’s understanding of these technologies and their implications and optimize their adoption to create a better world.

2.Use Cases for Consequential AI

The following use cases were chosen as illustrative examples of consequential AI and how these technologies will impact us shortly.

(a) Making the Best of Data

ElectrifAi believes that AI can innovate within a business based on massive amounts of data. This use case describes AI’s impact on data collection and controlled dissemination of data to drive growth within a company.

(b) Enhancing Human Health

ElectrifAi believes that AI can play a critical role in solving tomorrow’s health problems. Medical technology has progressed dramatically in recent decades, with the ability to diagnose and treat diseases increasing in scope and depth. These advancements are possible because access to data has improved, allowing for more accurate diagnoses. Now it is possible to model human limbs and organs, which allows doctors and scientists to understand how they behave and react on a microscopic level.

(c) Business Optimization

While AI has been in use for decades, recent advances—particularly in machine learning—are accelerating adoption. Machine learning uses data to teach autonomous machines how to learn for themselves and adapt, making this technology unique compared to previous forms of AI, which were primarily rule-based or prescriptive. This use case describes how AI can optimize a business based on massive data.

Consequential AI will make us better off, not worse off. ElectrifAi is an emerging not-for-profit organization that believes that AI has the potential to improve our lives