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Jason Hope strongly advocates using AI to solve various problems, such as artificial intelligence’s ability to recognize faces and respond to requests for information. Additionally, he’s a strong advocate of open-source software, enabling free and open innovation and development access. Hope has been a featured speaker and on-air analyst for BBC, CNN, Fox News, and other media outlets. 


As the leader in science and technology, he sees the future and what it can mean for humanity. Philanthropist Jason Hope is not only a pioneer in the Internet of Things (IoT) field, but he is also motivated by the pursuit of longevity and anti-aging. IoT is an umbrella term for several discussions on the use of technology, the web, AI, and charitable and commercial endeavors. Hope is a frequent guest on the radio, television, and internet media, speaking on topics such as stem cell research, aging, and cancer. He is a regular blogger, speaking on science, health, and longevity topics.

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The SENS Research Institute was established to research, develop, and commercialize stem cell therapies. It is the largest stem cell research foundation in the world. The SENS Research Institute has received extensive financial support from several pharmaceutical companies and the governments of several countries. 

As the “founder” of several successful enterprises, Jason Hope  has the capacity, passion, and desire to help create an even better future. 


As an entrepreneur and activist investor, Hope fosters an entrepreneurial spirit by assisting young people in building their businesses. He likes traveling, visiting new countries, and engaging with like-minded people (Medium).

As the “founder” of several successful enterprises, Jason Hope has the capacity, passion, and desire to help create an even better future. In addition to his work with early-stage companies, he also serves as an advisor to early-stage start-ups focusing on social media, artificial intelligence, and other trends that will shape the future of business.