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There are so many football enthusiasts, but most of them only like cheering and supporting football clubs. However, few football lovers like Gino Pozzo support and manage football clubs. Born in Udine, Italy, Gino’s parents, Giuliana and Gianpaolo Pozzo, were football enthusiasts.

The Gino’s are known worldwide for their passion for football, which began in 1986 when they purchased the Italian club Udinese. Out of their love for football, the Pozzo family sold their woodworking venture in 2008 and focused on the football club’s investments.

Gino Pozzo was the only family mastermind who continued with the family business because of his passion for football. He took over Udinese’s club management in 1983 and made a massive difference. In 2009, he helped the family acquire Granada F.C.

At the time of acquisition, Granada had a debt, but that didn’t stop him from owning it. The club was also struggling to go beyond the third division. After two years of being directly involved in Granada’s operations, the club rose from Segunda B to Primera Liga after 35 years. Pozzo is a true reflection of hard work, passion, and commitment leads to success.

Gino Pozzo bought the Watford club out of his passion for football in 2012. At the time of the acquisition, the club was in debt and struggling to rise out of the fourth division. As an English football fan, he made the club’s business his priority, which helped it grow from the 4th division to the Premier League within four years.

According to Gino, having a long-term approach and changing your vision depending on the current situation has helped his football clubs business. Pozzo also uses a scout-driven approach to manage his businesses. He trades players between his clubs and hires competent managers and head coaches. Gone are the days when businesspeople bought football clubs for emotional reasons. Today, running a football club requires passion and commitment. Refer to this article for additional information.


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