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The Bridgemicro Inc CEO Greg Aziz is a railroader businessman who is going to be a tough competitor for Canada, the United States, and Mexico.  He was elected as the CEO in 2016. The company is a railcar manufacturing company that focuses on heavy-duty railcars. In an interview with Railway Age, Aziz stated that the company was going to spend $100 million per year on the production of railcars. The company’s production level is going to increase by 50. 


The newly developed product line that will be introduced later is the EMD SD40-2, EMD SD60-2, EMD SD 80-2, and GE Genesis, as Greg Aziz explains. The company has grown in the past 17 years from a startup to one of the fastest-growing heavy-duty railcar manufacturers in North America. The company has been able to develop two completely new heavy-duty railcar product lines with the EMD SD40-2, GE Genesis, and EMD SD60-2.


The company is going to be the leading manufacturer of rail cars in North America with a stronger manufacturing capacity than the other competitors, Greg Aziz adds. The company is also creating jobs for steel workers in Indiana. Furthermore, with outstanding success, the company is saving the US$ billion that was lost in Indiana due to the trade imbalance. 

Greg Aziz Creating Job Opportunities

The modern United States goods and people transportation system will use the newly developed and produced railcars. The company has new facilities at a 53-acre site in the Chatham, Ontario, area. The railcar and freight manufacturing factory is nearly three times larger than its former site. This is going to increase the production level by 50%; Greg Aziz has been working in the rail business for 15 years. 


Currently, he is the CEO of Bridgemicro. Aziz has also worked at different financial companies and investment companies as a chief investment officer. Greg Aziz is also the co-founder and chief executive officer of Halyk Finance. He is a prominent figure in the financial world who works on developing infrastructure, transportation, and real estate projects that are targeted at investments in emerging markets in Ukraine, Russia, the Middle East, and Africa, among others.