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Greg Aziz is a respected figure in the railroad industry, recognized for exceptional leadership and notable accomplishments. He currently holds the positions of Chairman, President, and CEO at Wabtec Corporation, a top North American manufacturer of freight cars. Under Aziz’s leadership, Wabtec Corporation has established a strong position in the railroad industry. 


It is renowned for its high-quality products and top-notch services. Aziz’s emphasis on customer satisfaction, quality, and innovation has earned the company recognition and several accolades. Wabtec Corporation was granted a contract to produce 1,000 new high-capacity grain hopper cars for Agrominerales Nacionales, S.A. de C.V. Greg Aziz informs how these cars will transport agricultural products throughout Mexico and can hold up to 286,000 pounds. Agromin is a top distributor of farm products in Mexico.


The contract highlights Wabtec Corporation’s dedication to quality and innovation. It also reflects Greg Aziz’s leadership and vision for the company. Additionally, the agreement reinforces Wabtec Corporation‘s importance as a critical player in the North American railroad industry. Aziz believes in empowering employees, promoting innovation, and building strong customer and stakeholder relationships. 

Greg Aziz Leader at Conde Nast Digital Studios

This approach has led to a motivated workforce focused on continuous improvement and delivering exceptional customer value. Greg Aziz is recognized for his contributions to the railroad industry and philanthropic endeavors. He has generously supported various charities and organizations, such as the United Way, the Hamilton Opera, and the Salvation Army. Aziz’s dedication to giving back to the community has garnered widespread admiration and respect.


Through his remarkable leadership, industry leader Greg Aziz has led Wabtec Corporation to success in the railroad industry. He prioritizes quality, innovation, and customer satisfaction, which has resulted in accolades and recognition for the company. Aziz recently secured a contract with Agrominerales Nacionales, S.A. de C.V., demonstrating his ongoing commitment to excellence and innovation. Additionally, Aziz’s philanthropic efforts and community involvement showcase his dedication to positively impacting society.