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In a nutshell, Happy Joe’s is a family-owned and operated eatery that focuses on providing the customer with great food and great service.




The menu is extensive, offering many delicious menu items in addition to several signature dishes. Try any of the fresh foods like our incredible salads, seafood curry, or happy pizza! You can always depend on our burgers or hot dogs, both served with complimentary fries. In addition to providing our customers with great value through food and drink portions, Happy Joe’s offers exceptional customer service.


One staff member is dedicated and solely responsible for all tips at the end of each shift. That’s right – Happy Joe’s provides an additional tip to each staff member monthly, allowing our team members to share in the success of the business. This bonus has been shown to increase customer satisfaction, while also bringing staff morale up and encouraging them to keep working hard.


Happy Joe´s Pizza & Ice Cream

Employment at Happy Joe’s


What makes Happy Joe’s so successful? One of the key factors is our commitment to hiring and developing great talent in the culinary and customer service field. In doing so, we attract a lot of applicants who desire a job at Happy Joe’s but either lack experience or have none, creating barriers on both sides. 


We take the time to train our employees and make sure they have both the skills and knowledge to do their job right. The outstanding result is a team of happy, hardworking people who are always striving to improve. At Happy Joe’s we encourage all employees to adopt a passion for preparing high-quality food that serves as an employee benefit – introducing them to new dishes and even hosting meals for customers and friends at home, not just at Happy Joe’s.