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Happy Joe’s is a new restaurant opened by Joe, an entrepreneur who has been in the business for years. Joe’s restaurant is known for its pizzas, pasta, and salads. Speaking about his humble beginnings he discusses his business philosophy which emphasizes focusing on one thing and doing it well. He says that by sticking to this principle he can offer a much better experience for his customers.


Moreover, at a lower price point than some of the more established Happy Joe’s restaurants in the area. Joe talks about how people react to new restaurants in different ways; some people are dismissive because they’ve never heard of them before while others think everything is going to be too expensive or not taste good enough. Joe says he offers great quality at reasonable prices and gives free garlic bread as a starter.


Joe’s primary goal when opening Happy Joe’s was to provide a place where his daughters could visit with their friends, have pizza, and have a good time. He wanted to create an environment where customers could come in for lunch or dinner and would be able to sit for a while and enjoy their food. Joe also wanted the restaurant to be close enough for the family to stop by after work on weeknights so that everyone could eat together.


Happy Joe’s 50th Anniversary Celebration

The restaurant’s capacity is set at 60, Joe from Happy Joe’s says that this number ensures that he can handle most business while not having any dead time in his day. If the pizza and ice cream restaurant were to get crowded and customers were waiting for tables to become available then Joe could add wait staff and servers to talk with the customers for a few minutes just like other restaurants do.

Joe wanted Happy Joe’s to be as family friendly as possible and so he designed the interior of the restaurant to look like it would fit in nicely in a suburb. The Happy Joe’s restaurant’s design is meant to be welcoming rather than showy or snooty but has enough detail added in that it makes it an attractive place to visit.