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Looking to Implement New Business Strategies in 2023? Talk to Mitto Experts

Mitto AG has a team of experienced experts to help businesses grow and handle their customers better. Ilja Gorelik, the co-founder and COO, is part of the team that creates solutions for businesses to help them create great customer experiences. Ilja is highly experienced and is an expert in tech and telecommunications. He brings his knowledge and expertise to Mitto, and together with Andrea, the CEO, and a team of experts, they have helped thousands of businesses unify all their communications channels for enhanced customer satisfaction.

Making Customer Conversations Crucial

According to Mitto, the omnichannel communications platform, customer conversations are crucial in business conversions. When a business communicates with its customers the right way, they are able to establish trust and brand transparency while helping the customers find what they are looking for.

According to Mitto, it is important that a business maintains conversations with customers throughout their journey. Mitto believes that keeping customers engaged and enhancing their experience will improve customer loyalty and make the shopping experience better.

With Mitto, businesses are able to converse with their customers from a single platform. Mitto brings together communication from different channels to make it easier to manage. This creates the perfect platform for marketing teams and customer support teams.

Brands Working with Mitto

Ilja Gorelik has worked with several businesses – from before he co-founded Mitto in 2013. Today, he works with several businesses, including Starbucks, HealthTap 24/7 Customer Support, Adidas Consumer Communications, and Tommy Hilfiger VIP, among others. These brands and many more trust in what the business has to offer.