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Phaneesh Murthy is a renowned entrepreneur, investor, and business leader, known for his expertise in driving technology and operations convergence. He founded Primentor, a global management consulting firm that helps businesses maximize their potential by leveraging technology and operations synergies. 

By integrating technology and operations, Primentor helps businesses improve efficiency, streamline processes, and enhance customer experience. Their approach focuses on leveraging data analytics, process automation, and digital transformation to create a sustainable competitive advantage for their clients.

Phaneesh Murthy’s leadership has been instrumental in driving the success of Primentor, which has a global presence and a diverse range of clients across various industries. He has a wealth of experience in the technology and business sectors, having held leadership positions at companies such as Infosys and iGate.

Primentor’s approach to the convergence of technology and operations has become increasingly relevant in today’s digital age, where businesses face increasing competition and disruptive innovation. By leveraging technology to optimize their operations, businesses can improve their agility, flexibility, and responsiveness to changing market conditions.

Phaneesh Murthy and Primentor are at the forefront of driving technology and operations convergence, helping businesses enhance their value proposition and achieve sustainable growth. By leveraging their expertise in data analytics, process automation, and digital transformation, they are helping businesses adapt to the rapidly evolving business landscape and thrive in the digital age.