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Businesses in the global market have experienced the worst seasons in the last two years. Some companies couldn’t withstand the tough times, and they felt the best thing to do was to close down their businesses. Due to Covid-19 pandemic, there was an economic crisis worldwide. And firms such as Hughes Marino buyer and tenant representation firm had to go through it. 


The few struggling to keep serving their customers must deal with new challenges. Hughes Marino, a successful commercial realtor company in the United States, wants to assist businesses to thrive post-COVID. The representation firm faced numerous operations challenges like other global markets. The employees in the company had to deal with the changing COVID-19 variants and complex work strategies. 


The commercial realtor Hughes Marino company had to continue its operations and ensure its businesses remained afloat during the harsh season. Many companies have started adapting to the world’s changes, but they need to learn some essential commercial lease secrets


Plan before your business lease expires. 


This is one of the most common practices for most businesses before the year ends. 

Although the idea is simple and obvious, companies must ensure they are in control. A company should ensure they have enough time to implement a move. Lack of time for businesses means they will lack time to negotiate and get a good renewal deal for their company. According to Hughes Marino firm´s team members, poor planning means that a company will not get suitable relocation options, and it might not be possible to save money. 


Patience is paramount 

Every business is aware of its lease expiry date. Most local markets will be in slow drift a year before it expires. Never rush to start the process or start the process of locking in. As Hughes Marino explains, your landlord might encourage you to lock in early, but try to remain patient. The best renewal should be negotiated when you are ready to relocate because leverage is high.