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Hughes Marino is a global firm recognized for its expertise in strategic decision-making, which induces cross-cutting development. Thus, they strive at  supporting companies through a range of services, including; leases, construction of facilities such as industrial spaces, sites for manufacturing purposes, labs and offices. The company is known for its mastery in sale-leasebacks, advisory services between tenants and buyers.


They also specialize in consultancy, workplace design and strategy, global representation, building portfolio, and program and project management. Hughes Marino specializes in administration and auditing to optimize clients’ operations. The comprehensive approach and unwavering commitment enable businesses to thrive in all their endeavors.


One Might Wonder Why Hughes Marino? 

The strong commitment to confidentiality, exceptional performance, and integrated services under one roof mitigate conflict of interest. Furthermore, the firm’s specialization is evident in acquiring diverse skill sets, such as legal, analytical, and construction expertise. Above all, Hughes Marino maintains high professionalism, ensuring that clients receive a top-notch service and support system.


What are some of the accomplishments? 

It’s good to note that the company’s achievements speak for themselves; they include; the successful setup of Quidel Certi and its innovative oncology solutions. In this, as Hughes Marino specialists explain, in which the existing lab was tailored to meet the client’s specifications, thus leading to increased capacity for the vivo drug testing at a time when efficiency and efficacy were paramount. 

Additionally, the exciting opening of a new Jenny Craig location through consolidating the partner’s estate and relocating the data center. Expansion of Evofem Biosciences corporate headquarters and Step stones California office, just to mention a few. As an award-winning expert, it is clear that Hughes Marino offers a seamless and accountable experience.