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IM Academy is a business that offers convenient, online Forex trading classes. The organization uses a variety of recorded lectures, as well as app-based learning materials, to educate its pupils.

The “academies” provided by the corporation, of which IM Academy is one, are its primary selling point. Customers who have not previously used these academies can do so if they are referred to the IM.Academy website by an existing client or an Independent Marketing Organization (IBO).

Each video module includes not only a series of lectures, but also an unlimited number of live online discussions in which students can pose questions and receive feedback on how to put what they’ve learned into practice.

The movies explain the basics of Forex trading and show how asynchronous learning with IM video courses and GoLive interactive sessions may help students learn at their own speed. Students can put their new knowledge to the test in practice during goLive interactive teaching sessions, while films can help them get a grasp on the basics of each trading technique.

Each goLive session is provided on multiple days and at multiple times to suit students in different time zones.

Students can interact with the IM Educator throughout the hour-long goLive session by asking questions and bringing up points of discussion about the module’s content. Every academy has its own library of video lessons that students can see at their own convenience. By downloading the IM Academy app, students get access to all of IM’s recorded content from their mobile devices.

At the end of each learning module, the student will take a test designed to assess what they’ve learned. Students need to do well on this quiz before moving on to the next video lesson.

As long as a student’s subscription is active, they get unrestricted online access to IM Educators. Even if they stop paying, they can still access and download any of the recorded or digital content from any of the four academies for their own personal use. Go here for more information.


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