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IM Academy teaches the techniques used to trade successfully in the Forex market. Students can learn everything they need about Forex trading through their easy-to-follow step-by-step lessons. IM courses help people master the skills they need to succeed in currency trading.  IM Academy is committed to providing quality education so people worldwide can profit from Forex trading.

IM Academy was founded back in 2013 by two enterprising individuals – Christopher Terry and Isis de la Torre. They wanted to create a community where people could learn about the world of forex through interactive videos. Since then, IM has grown into one of the largest educational platforms for forex traders today. In just nine years, it has attracted hundreds of thousands of users who can benefit from the various educational resources offered.

IM Academy’s remote work policy allows employees to avoid unnecessary travel, reduce commuting costs, and maintain a healthy distance between themselves and potential clients. Employees can also easily access information about current events and share important updates via email or phone calls. Even though the company did not offer physical offices during the Covid-19 crisis, it could keep running smoothly due to its efficient remote working system.

IM Academy operates by virtue of a multilevel marketing business model. This means that the business strategy of IM is to market its products and services in a matrix organization where the sales force is composed of independent contractors (IBOs) rather than traditional salaried workers. Students have access to a pre-made video module library for each academy they attend. Students can collaborate in real time with IM educators during interactive GoLive sessions.

IM does not provide any investment advice whatsoever. Any statements regarding investments should only be considered general information and not constitute any investment recommendation. Because IM does not offer any regulated financial products or services, it does not require licenses to operate its business, nor do any IBOs or members receive any training or education before being allowed to begin. Refer to this page for more information.


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