Brian McDaniel

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Many organizations, companies and governments are implementing sustainability and green initiatives to reduce climate change risk. Alejandro Pena discusses the importance of sustainability in a recent article from The Boss Magazine.

Alejandro Pena is president and CEO of Keter, one of the world’s largest manufacturers in the plastic industry, with production plants in 10 countries, sales across 59 countries, annual turnover exceeding $2 billion, 12 000 employees and more than 100 million square meters under management (including commercial property). He talks about how important sustainable development has become for industries because it is a key driver for future prosperity. To Alejandro Pena, sustainability is not just about future business opportunities but also about social responsibility.

During the UN 2030 Agenda initiative, Keter set very ambitious goals for sustainable development that it will assess for the achievement of its strategy. The company challenges itself to do more regarding environmental and social responsibility. It is a key driver in enhancing customer loyalty and ensuring value creation in every measure.

At Keter, every decision is based on a clear understanding of its environmental impact. For example, plastic made from recycled material is used in an increasing part of its products (around 40% today). The company has 1.6 million tons of plastic waste produced yearly, and the solution is not recycling but reusing it.

Alejandro Pena talks about the value of sustainability, including the importance of limiting waste. He mentioned that Keter worked in many other ways to limit environmental footprint. For example, Keter invested in an energy plant that takes advantage of industrial waste heat and creates energy by converting it into steam at a very high-efficiency rate.