Brian McDaniel

Aspire to Inspire

As we reach the dawn of an era in which exponential change is becoming more ubiquitous, leaders and organizations must be prepared. Change is deceptively complex and often difficult to navigate, overall within the business field, but some techniques can help keep in line with the pace of change and positively affect those around us. Additionally, as healthcare expert Ron Gutman states, companies and leaders who take the time to focus on character development through values-driven values will reap fantastic benefits.


Business expert Ron Gutman, the co-founder, and CEO of Intrivo has had a long career, spanning a range of positions to running his own company. Through those experiences, he’s seen and dealt with the ups and downs that come with leading in volatile times, but he has also worked to cultivate the core values that will help him through those times.


Ron Gutman firmly believes that strong leadership and communication are critical in any industry or organization. He values credibility and communication and says they are the most important skills and behaviors a leader can possess. The business and healthcare expert Gutman uses a few techniques to develop and communicate a strong message and vision to accomplish this.


Gutman carefully ensures that what he says, does, and believes lines up. He says you’d better believe it when you have an opportunity to say something. This will help the business mentor build credibility with his bosses and employees alike. Ron Gutman builds on the idea that leaders must be clear and open in presenting themselves. 


He says he doesn’t want his employees to think Ron is hiding behind layers of bureaucracy, but instead, he makes sure they know how their decisions impact them and the company. Ron Gutman also believes communication is key in any organization or industry. He says that as a leader, you need to listen to your employees and not just speak to them. He values communication because it produces better results. Gutman also says that good leaders can communicate their vision for the company effectively.