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John Savignano is the CEO of Savignano accountants. He is also a board director of the chairman of the auditors for an accountancy firm. Other directorships are with St. George, TGI Partners, and Fidelity Investments. John has a degree from New York University in accounting, where he was awarded the Helsley-Mulligan Medal for his academic record.” He also worked for several years as an audit manager and senior auditor for KPMG before setting up his own company.

  1. Savignano Believes in Making a Personal Connection

John Savignano says personalization is so important because of his experience working with clients over many years. His clients have doubled in size, and he has a large staff team. While the company’s success is significant to the staff, they are much more than a number or datum on a spreadsheet. When you work with John Savignano, you build a long-term relationship based on transparency and honesty. Savignano believes having the proper credentials is essential, but that’s only half the problem. “Simply being an expert in your field isn’t nearly enough; you need to be dedicated to exceeding your client’s expectations daily, year after year.

  1. Savignano Values the Human Element

John Savignano has been in the accounting industry for over three decades and has worked with hundreds of clients. He values relationships so much that he doesn’t believe in outsourcing work or trusting everything to technology. When it comes to accounts payable or any other aspect of your company’s accounting, John wants to be heavily involved in helping you understand the issues. He believes that if you have questions, concerns, or problems, a true professional will take the time to walk you through them. At Bottom Line Consulting, LLC, there are no surprises; transparent communication and planning allow your team the information they need to make educated decisions.

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