Brian McDaniel

Aspire to Inspire

According to Newsfile Corp, dated 6th August 2020, British Columbia – Crest Resources Inc. announced how it had rapidly grown its business through:

– JV with a silicon valley incubator/investor who wants to create the next-generation venture capital ecosystem to create new technologies in mining.

-Appointment of renowned thinker Jonas Lauren Norr to the board of directors, further cementing the growth of Crest into new markets and complimenting the management team created by Michael Collin;

-Acquire significant investment in two pioneering mining companies, Inflection Resources Ltd and Headwater Gold Inc. Both companies represent revolutionary ways to explore new areas.

Crest has agreed with San Francisco-based Ethos Real Assets to jointly develop deep technology ecosystems that will create new ventures and provide innovative solutions to address legacy business and infrastructure challenges in both developed and emerging markets. Jonas Lauren Norr, who founded Ethos Real Assets, has been at heart behind the development of Silicon Valley’s technologies for decades. He seeks to harness the tools of venture building and applied R&D to support technological solutions that can help build sustainable communities around the globe.

The JV will focus on delivering breakthrough technologies that address critical challenges facing key sectors such as natural resources, agriculture, energy, healthcare, and transportation. These solutions can be delivered through cutting-edge technology platforms such as AI, robotics, biotechnology, nanotech, and quantum computing. We seek to partner with entrepreneurs who have already developed disruptive innovations into market-ready products that can be deployed globally.

Crest President and CEO Mike Collins says, “We’re excited about the opportunity to partner with Alpha Resources to bring innovative new technologies to the industry. We believe this alliance will accelerate the development of advanced modeling tools, improve operational efficiency and provide better information to our shareholders.”

The MOU proposes an arrangement whereby Crest will provide services to Ethos Real Assets to enable the latter to develop and deliver blockchain-based solutions to clients. In return, Ethos Real Assets will pay Crest a fee per transaction processed through the platform.

The company is happy to announce that Jonas Lauren was appointed to the board of directors of Crest Resources Inc. Since 2000, Jonas Lauren has invested in early-stage ventures. At Gravity Ranch Ventures, as a co-founder and managing partner, he primarily focuses on supporting deep technologies that emerge from Stanford Research Institute (SRI). He has been involved with five companies; two went public, and two were acquired. His interests include renewable energy, biotech, edutainment, media, and real estate. Infrastructure-scale renewables and real estate projects have been started through Nexcentrica Capital partners, Ethos Real Assets, and Qoo Energy. In addition, he is a senior advisor to Space Fund, a special adviser to Peterson Real Asset, and a frequent speaker on technology and social change.

In conclusion, Crest Resources Inc. is pleased to announce the appointment of Jonas Lauren Norr to the board of directors and will be adding value to Crest’s operations by providing his expertise in developing disruptive technologies such as renewable energy and robotics, as well as real estate, what Jonas Lauren Norr knows.