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The ‘she shed’ is the female equivalent of the man cave. It is a space where a woman can relax and do things that matter to her without the many distractions in the home. Working out, professional work, relaxing and holding parties are a few uses of the she shed. This word is coined after its origins. Traditionally, she sheds were created by women who repurposed existing potting sheds to become spaces they could use for other purposes. Right now, anyone with some space in their backyard can have a she shed. This is made possible by Keter, a leading maker of sheds led by Alejandro Pena.

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Keter makes high-quality she sheds that are loved by many women in the UK. Writers, painters and workout enthusiast are among the top consumers. Keter CEO describes their sheds as made to be good to the environment and communities. By using environment-friendly materials like resin, the company has been able to create great-looking and functional tents.
Keter Oakland 757 Shed 7.5 x 7ft

The Keter Oakland storage shed is sturdy and weather-proof. It is available in different sizes so any woman can find an ideal one. On the other hand, the Keter Artisan shed is weather-proof and comes with in-built UV protection. Artists will find it easy to hand their work because the walls are drillable and shelving can be added. All Keter she shed products come with large windows that give ample natural lighting and steel reinforcement to assure of sturdiness.

To help she shed owners customize their spaces, Keter provides several accessories. From planters to cocktail bars, you can get the accessory you want. The sheds may also be painted to a color of choice.

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