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Launch House is a new company that develops and funds high-growth businesses. We take companies from concept to incubation, coaching the founders to ensure they’ll be ready for growth.

Launching your idea takes a lot of work. You want to grow or pivot, but you don’t know how to take that next step. You haven’t found your team or tested the market yet.

Launch House is here for you at any stage of your business – from niche discovery and validation exercises through prototyping and testing in the market, then through growth financing until Exit Day with our partners.

We take a new approach to growth, focusing on market fit as the vital launch factor. We believe businesses will succeed because they fit their customers’ needs and have a straightforward way to satisfy those customers. We focus on niches that are profitable, scalable, and socially impactful. We have a variety of resources at your disposal, including its fwebsite, our mobile app and social media channels (Twitter, Instagram, LinkedIn), customer support team members who are happy to assist you with any questions you may have.

Some of our recent investments include: which is testing an innovative solution to developing countries’ energy crisis; working to bring the benefits of space down to earth for everyone; which develops virtual reality training for civilian and military professionals; and reinventing fertility media through interactive storytelling.

In a Launch House, you work under the same roof as entrepreneurs from diverse backgrounds. We share our knowledge and experience, learn from each other, and become better at what we do.

We provide the support and connections you need to bring your idea to life. We help you build a strong team and create a business plan to turn customers into clients and scale beyond your wildest dreams. Our global network of partners offers you access to expertise to finance, grow and exit your business.

After the launch comes the fun part – building your business. Though we’ve invested in you as a company, we’re still your partners. We work with you hand-in-hand as you bring your vision to life and build an innovative, lasting business.

Our team of CEOs, board members, mentors, and investors can help you get your idea off the ground, take it through its growth phases and successfully exit it when the time is right for you – whether that means raising more funding or selling some of your equity before IPO or M&A. Whatever helps you reach your vision faster and more effectively. Click here to learn more.


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