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Yves Mirabaud is one of the most notable senior executives at Mirabaud, a diverse financial management group based in Geneva. Mr. Mirabaud joined the organization in 1993, and after three years, he became a managing partner. Mirabaud is an organization that offers and delivers various financial management services, including wealth management, corporate finances, and asset management including, equities, private equity funds, etc.

After graduating with a bachelor’s degree from the Institute of International and Development Studies, Yves Mirabaud began working in various financial banking institutions across multiple countries and cities globally including, New York, Zurich, Geneva, and Boston.

After spending four years gaining experience in the banking sector, Yves Mirabaud joined Mirabaud Corporation. He steadily rose through the ranks from being a managing partner to being a member of the executive committee and currently serving as a senior managing partner. In addition, Mirabaud also happens to be the chairman of the board of directors of Mirabaud & Cie SA, President of the Geneva Financial Center, among other senior roles.

Being a senior managing partner at Mirabaud Corporation for close to ten years, Yves Mirabaud has driven the company to top-tier growth by currently managing wealth and assets worth more than 37 billion dollars. His experience as a long-time leader has enabled him to build professional ties with clients, including providing information about any recent developments and listening, meeting their needs, and offering them optimal solutions to complex issues.

According to, Yves Mirabaud stated his main concern and interests consistently lean towards prioritizing clients instead of revenue. Despite the changes witnessed during the COVID-19 pandemic, Mirabaud Corporation has maintained its relevance and consistency regarding the global financial market.

Having created and developed a new technological platform for the last couple of years, Mirabaud Corporation is now evaluating a new core technology for the banking system. Refer to this article for more information


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