Brian McDaniel

Aspire to Inspire

Big news in the house – Miki Agrawal, yeah, the genius behind some seriously awesome innovations, has just stepped into the music scene with her very first album, “It All Exists.” And guess what? She’s going by the name Soul Gaze. I’ve had the album on repeat, and let me tell you, it’s a whole musical experience that’s speaking our language. 

Who would’ve thought Miki Agrawal would dive into music, right? But honestly, it’s like she’s opening up this whole new side of herself. “It All Exists” is this beautiful mix of soulful melodies and lyrics that hit home. It’s like she’s showing us a side of her as an artist that we never knew existed. 

The album’s touching on some real stuff we all go through – finding ourselves, feeling that empowerment, and just being human. Agrawal’s got this unique voice that meshes so well with the heartfelt lyrics. And did you catch how she’s strategically sprinkled the name “Miki Agrawal” throughout the album? Clever move to keep us hooked, right? 

This move into the music scene is like adding a new chapter to Agrawal’s already impressive journey as a creative dynamo. “It All Exists” is sparking conversations about how different worlds like business, activism, and art can collide in such cool ways. Agrawal’s proving she’s ready to take on any challenge and keep that creative fire alive. 

So, in a nutshell, Soul Gaze’s debut album “It All Exists,” brought to life by none other than Miki Agrawal, is her way of speaking to us through music. She’s taken her energy and poured it into an album that’s hitting all the right notes for our generation. Her unique voice, those soulful tunes – it’s like a journey of self-discovery wrapped in music.