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The mission of the Citizen App is to help people in danger by giving early warning and to protect the citizens. It’s a community that connects civilians and law enforcement officers together so they can talk about things related to public safety and how to make our communities safer.

The Citizen app keeps you aware of your surroundings by sending real-time safety alerts. In addition, the app also provides its users quick access to authentic 911 information.

During its first launch, the app had the name Vigilante. In 2017, Apple officially renamed the app to Citizen after it got removed from its store less than 48 hours after its initial release due to concerns that it encouraged user vigilantism.

Citizen App aims at helping its users avoid risky situations rather than get involved in a potentially dangerous attack. For this reason, the app urges its clients to practice caution and emphasizes the significance of not placing themselves in danger, as users may be notified of incidents before the police get to the scene.

How Citizen App Works

Like police scanning apps, the app allows the public to access emergency response information. Listening to 911 calls at three times the normal speed is common for citizens who monitor radio antennas in major cities. The Citizen team screens and filters all interactions before sending out short, verifiable alerts to anyone within a quarter-mile of the incident.

Everyone who uses Citizen App is equally treated, and this is its most appealing feature. Anyone, from the general public to law enforcement, can sign in and see the same unbiased data when they do so on this site.

Useful Features

Trained Protect Agent

The citizen app has a new feature that allows users 24/7 access to a Trained Protect Agent. For instance, your agent can call 911, alert other community members, or even monitor your heart rate through an Apple Watch.


Using Citizen’s SafeTrace feature, users can get the most current information regarding COVID-19 in their area. SafeTrace uses Bluetooth to establish if you have contacted other SafeTrace users by analyzing your GPS location data. Visit this page for additional information.


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