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Aspire to Inspire

Philip Belamant, a junior student of engineering at the University of San Diego, has created a novel way to use FinTech to help people with all kinds of financial needs presented in this article.

To start, he explains how he came across the idea and his research into how it could be implemented. He then explains the essential features of his system and how he built it for less than $10.00. He gives us a brief description of the system and some instructions on installing it.

Philip Belamant has been involved in many different kinds of technology since he was young. That is why he has developed a system that will help the lower classes. He explains how the system works and its primary goal so everyone will know how it works.

He wants to get this idea out there for everyone to use and see if it works as well as Philip believes it does. I think that having this kind of technology is a significant new step in the future of tech. I hope that Philip is making the right decisions and will be successful with this.

His Achievements

Philip Belamant was named one of the 20 Under 20 by MIT Technology Review and featured in The Guardian. He is a 2-time recipient of the Thiel Fellowship and recognized by Forbes, Inc., TechCrunch, and other news outlets.

He is a 2018 Thiel Fellow, and his project was featured in the video How secured Housing Could Be with Blockchain. The Thiel Foundation said. In his work, Philip envisions a system that allows anyone to rent their personal property securely. It could be your home, your car, or even a bicycle, without the oppression or anxiety of a landlord. While you would need trust to rent such an address, it is safer than renting from an unknown entity.