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Direct Selling is an excellent example of a business operating at its full potential and efficiency. There are three major marketing methods to choose from when it comes to direct sales: Single Level Marketing, Multi-level Marketing and Party Plan Marketing

Multi-Level Marketing

This marketing style includes direct sales, in which the primary goal of a direct seller is to expand their customer base rather than build a direct sales team. This is a type of marketing that is classified as direct sales.

If you want to use the party plan marketing technique, you’ll need to host a party for people who share your interests and encourage them to test out your products while they’re having a good time. If you choose the party plan marketing method, you must host a party for people who share your interests.

Multi-Level Marketing (MLM)

The use of multi-level marketing, generally known as MLM, is increasing in the direct selling business. Rather than recruiting employees, multi-level marketing is a growing trend in which direct sellers sponsor individuals to market and directly sell things. This is becoming more common.

The Opportunities for Direct Marketing in the Indian Market

KPMG and the Federation of Indian Chambers of Commerce and Business (FICCI) have collaborated on a report that predicts the Indian direct selling industry will be worth INR 64,500 crore by 2025. This forecast was made feasible because India’s number of direct sellers has continuously increased in recent years. This projection was produced from a review of available historical data.

QNET is the most successful organization in India’s direct selling industry, and it comprises a large network of direct sellers across the country.

People of various ages and walks of life participated in direct selling in 2020, and they all reaped the benefits of earning an income due to their efforts. Direct selling has grown in popularity significantly in recent years.

For quite some time, direct selling has been demonstrated to be an efficient approach for running a profitable business. QNET gives clients a wide range of products to suit their specific demands.

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