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Richard Liu Qiangdong is a Chinese internet entrepreneur and he is the founder of He was born on March 10, 1973 in Suqian.

Liu graduated from Renmin University of China with a degree in sociology in 1996. After graduation, he started his first business, an electronics wholesale company called Jingdong Century Trading Co., Ltd.

In 2003, Richard Liu launched, an online retail platform that has become one of the largest e-commerce companies in China. had over 260 million active users as of 2019 and is publicly traded on the Nasdaq stock exchange.

Richard has been ranked by Forbes Magazine as one of the richest people in China for several years. In 2020, he was ranked as the country’s third-richest person with a net worth of $37.3 billion.

Liu has been philanthropic and donated billions of dollars to education, disaster relief, and other causes. In 2015, he established the Liu Qiandong Charity Foundation, which has awarded scholarships to more than 1,000 students from rural areas of China.

Richard has managed to accrue a few important accolades over the years Richard Liu has been featured as an Honoree in Variety 500 website entitled, “ Richard Liu; Founder / Chairman / CEO”, as a result of his persistence, innovation, and hard work.

In 2019, Liu was arrested in Minneapolis on suspicion of sexual misconduct. The charges were later dropped, and he returned to China.

Despite the controversy surrounding his arrest, Liu remains a respected and successful businessman in China. Liu Qiangdong exemplifies how one can overcome humble beginnings to achieve great success.

Richard Liu is a nationally recognized businessman who has a deep love for technology, artificial intelligence (AI), and robots. He is also well-known for his philanthropic nature and has donated millions of dollars to various charities over the years. His businesses are also highly successful, ranging from e-commerce to retail. In short, Richard Liu is a man who has achieved great things both in his personal and professional life.

Richard Liu’s love for technology began at a young age. He was always fascinated by AI and robots and even enrolled in a robotics course at university. Refer to this page for more information.


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