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In South Florida, there is a large real estate market and thousands of real estate developers. One of these developers is a generous businessman. His name is Stephen Bittel. Learn all about Bittel and how is helping the world.

Before Bittel became a wealthy businessman, he had a mission. It’s to find a cure for Parkinsons Disease. It’s not just a noble act for Bittle. He wants to uncover a cure because the disease has impacted someone who is close to him.

This individual is Mindy Mcllroy. In 2014, she was diagnosed with Parkinson Disease while she was working with Bittel. The news shocked Mcllroy because she did not fit the profile for the disease.

After Bittel heard the news, he took action immediately. First, he contacted John Kozyak; he is the chairman of the Parkinson’s Foundation. Kozyak took Bittel’s call without delay as they are friends. After Kozyak was informed, he made his own calls, and within a few days, Bittel and Mcllroy were on a flight. When they landed, Kozyak arranged a meeting with one of the top neurologists in the medical industry.

Bittle and Mcllroy now had a plan in motion, so it was time to support the foundation. To accomplish this, the duo built a team called Moving Day. The members of this team raised a lot of funds for Parkinson’s, and this motivated Mcllroy to do more for the charity. First, she was granted more leadership roles. Then, she became one of the board of directors.

About Bittle’s Real Firm

Thanks to Terranova, Bittle is able to make a difference. Terranova is a commercial real estate firm. It was incorporated in 1980 by Stephen Bittel. Today, it’s one of the top firms in South Florida.

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