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Temu is an online leading shopping application in the US that allows consumers to buy products at affordable prices. It was launched in September 2022 and has become the most preferred online platform amidst the famous Amazon and Alibaba applications.

It has 29 categories that offer a wide range of products that are accessible to all genres of shoppers, from high spenders to low spenders. Its headquarters are in Boston, and it has employed over 10,000 employees.

Temu offers a direct link between the manufacturer and the buyer, which helps in saving time and the cost of deliveries. Due to this, prices of items are relatively low and hugely discounted, and the costs associated with shipment, marketing, and production are significantly reduced.

The company also works on saving marketing and inventory costs by publicizing its products and using a Next-Generation design that creates products that meet the supply-demand forces.

It is achieved through collaborations with brands and sellers as guided by their philosophy, eliminating costs related to wasted inventories and ineffective marketing spending.

Despite the move on cost-saving, the company can still make profits through low-priced products. It is done by passing the saved costs to consumers by lowering the prices of products.

While the giant retailers use RFID technologies, automated order software, and cloud computing to streamline inventory management, Temu is focused on evolving the supply chain infrastructure and product development through free advanced analytics.

It means that sellers will be able to make informed decisions through Temu’s free insights, and they will be able to generate more sales by lowering the prices of products.

Temu handles over 60 billion orders annually and is aiming to expand in the future. It continues to be the preferred e-commerce platform in the US, with most consumers finding it favorable with the rising inflation.