Brian McDaniel

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Tillable, the leading online platform offering farmland rentals through local farmers, announced an $8.5M series raise today. The round was led exclusively by The Production Board, a global asset management firm focused on farmlands.

Tillable’ s new online marketplace connects landowners and farmers with prospective renters, empowering them to make informed decisions about how much they should pay growers for crops. Farmers can also list their land directly for sale and receive offers from interested buyers throughout the country.

Tillable helps landowners to optimize the revenue they make off their land, gain visibility on how their lands are utilized and identify those growers who will act responsibly for their property’s viability. Tillable allows farmers to evaluate their land based on price, size, soil type and location, enabling them to determine if their land is worth expanding into new areas.

In addition to connections, Tillable connects farmers and agriculture supply companies, bringing efficiency to the agricultural marketplace. Tillable helps property owners secure offers for farming leases, captures land properties and farmer performance data, and simplifies administrative processes through standardized online lease agreements and electronic cash payments.

In recent years, land lease rates have risen to unsustainable levels, causing many landowners to lose money rather than make money off their properties. While market forces drive these high rates, it can often be hard to know what your actual rate should be. That’s where Tillable comes in.

By combining publicly available data about prices, yields, and weather patterns for crops across the country into a single tool, Tillable helps farmers determine how much they should charge per acre for their produce. Farmers then take control of their income without spending endless hours negotiating with landlords — a process that only costs them money to know more click here.