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Tom Keane, long-time executive in the tech industry, is a respected and well-known expert in digital sovereignty and cloud computing. Throughout his career as a software developer and cloud services engineer, he has been at the forefront of these rapidly-evolving fields, driving innovation and shaping the future of technology.


The software developer Tom Keane’s experience and expertise in digital sovereignty and cloud computing have been instrumental. Overall, in helping organizations around the world to protect their digital assets and data, and to modernize and transform their operations. He has a deep understanding of the benefits and challenges of these technologies. 


In addition, Tom Keane is able to provide guidance and solutions that help organizations to fully leverage the power of the cloud. Moreover, for his work in digital sovereignty and cloud computing, he is also recognized as a thought leader in cybersecurity. He has been a vocal advocate for the importance of protecting and preserving the security and privacy of digital assets and data.


Tom Keane on Digital Sovereignty

That this is essential for maintaining security, privacy and compliance. As a long-time executive in the tech industry, Tom Keane has made a significant impact on the field of technology. His deep understanding of digital sovereignty and cloud computing.

That, as well as his ability to anticipate and adapt to change, have earned him recognition and respect in the industry. Tom Keane adds: “Microsoft Azure Germany is now available via the first-of-its-kind cloud for Europe, offering data sovereignty and compliance capabilities.” – Tom Keane, on the launch of Azure Germany.