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Launching Microsoft cloud services in South Africa and other African regions is an important milestone for Microsoft, according to Tom Keane, Corporate Vice-President of Azure Global. The software developer has over 20 years of experience in cloud computing. Keane revealed Microsoft is the first global computer software company to provide cloud base services to Africa.


Why South Africa?

The technology expert Tom Keane explains that it is predicted that South Africa will triple its spending on cloud based computing by the end of 2024. The adoption of cloud services will have created 112,000 new jobs at the end of 2022. Also, companies and organizations will grow the digital part of their businesses to scale. For example, Nedbank, one of the top banks in Africa, is using the Azure platform to help reach its goals of becoming more digital. 


Cyber Security Expert Tom Keane

Azure also helped the bank increase overall security and protection of data privacy. Both were important concerns of its clientele (Ideamensch).


Giving Power To The People

Microsoft has a long history of working with organizations and startups in Africa that are working hard to end some of Africa’s biggest problems. Tom Keane says that these, including food insecurity and environmental sustainability. 

Microsoft launched a program called Microsoft 4Afrika that focuses on affordable internet access, creating a skilled workforce, and technological solutions. Led by Tom Keane, the company’s program FarmBeats strives to create data-driven farming to increase productivity while cutting costs. Microsoft will continue to connect more regions of Africa to one of the largest global networks.