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This article provides information on the latest details in the insurance industry. With insurance premiums up, people seek more deal-oriented policies, and while most millennials are still uninsured, older generations are opting for term plans. The post also discusses why some young people choose not to purchase plan coverage and the effect of new regulations on urban communities.

Hauser Insurance highlights the trend of insurance premiums noticeably rising for mergers and acquisitions. According to Hauser, many people have expressed their concern over the rising costs of insurance plans.

In a press release, Hauser Insurance highlights that this is heavily due to increased insurance premiums for high-risk areas, where large companies are going out of business. As a result, the new policies are more expensive, and with higher premiums, many companies are looking into buying policies.

Moreover, with events like Hurricane Harvey and Irma affecting many industries, people have seen that the coverage costs have increased significantly.

Increased demand for deal-specific policies is changing the insurance market. These policies are more expensive than general term plans but offer more coverage options if the company decides to acquire other companies after their initial merger or acquisition. Deal-specific policies are becoming more popular because they provide the companies with many options and less chance of losing money due to unfavorable conditions that may arise after their merger or acquisition (Hauser Insurance Highlights).

The transaction velocity is also a trend that will continue. It refers to the number of insurance policies written each year and is expected to increase. Statistics show that the transaction velocity has been growing as the years’ progress.

Overall, the industry’s profit margins have remained stable but what has changed is how the companies invest their profits. Hauser Insurance highlights that insurance premiums for property and casualty lines have significantly jumped, but the trend is expected to decline. However, Hauser projects that the industry’s profitability will increase with transaction velocity remaining high and increased deal-specific policies written (Hauser Insurance Highlights).