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Vijay Eswaran is a notable high-profile CEO of the QI Group, an international conglomerate focusing on logistics and retail. Even with his busy schedule and top ranking, he can still find time to lead by example. With the recent launch of QI’s new desktop app for iOS, we got to interview him and ask about his advice for others going through demanding or stressful times.

Vijay explains that it is his habit to take a few minutes of silence daily and focus on his breath. The objective is to remain calm and stress-free during high-pressure situations that are bound to happen in business. Taking a few minutes of silence during high-pressure moments is highly therapeutic. When you reflect on your past and present, you gain clarity on the big picture.

  1. About Vijay Eswaran

Vijay is dedicated to social and economic sustainability as known driven entrepreneur who wants to grow his business further. He doesn’t plan to stop anytime soon because he gets increasingly excited about his company’s potential daily. A great mentor is the most important factor in shaping a young person’s life. He also finds it very important to have supportive people surrounding you, as they are essential for your success.

Vijay Eswaran explains that when you enter a Flow State, you are in the zone. You will be highly productive and creative and think clearly. It would help if you were immersed in accomplishing your goals when innovating a new product or service. Vijay says that the most important thing is to set achievable and exciting goals.

Vijay shares his experiences in the business world and why he thinks having a good mentor is essential for success. He shares that often, people think it’s not necessary to have mentors because they feel confident in their abilities to get ahead.

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