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Besides being the son of fitness industry giant, Edgard Corona, Diogo Corona is best known for being a renowned Brazilian business leader in his own right and Smart Fit’s COO, as well as the TotalPass CEO.

What Makes Diogo Corona So Productive?

He states that he’s very much into his everyday routine, which begins at around 6:30 AM when he wakes up. Then, he heads to Smart Fit for a quick and efficient 45 minute workout. After that, he walks home, takes a quick shower, and eats breakfast. One interesting habit is always wearing the exact same clothes to the office, which consists of jeans and a gray shirt.

He’s in the office each day by 9 AM and usually has meetings scheduled all day just about every day with the exception of Friday afternoons, which are kept free for whatever unexpected meetings might come up. He eats lunch at his desk to be more efficient and save time, and then stays at the office until about 9:30 PM or 10 PM.

The Idea Behind TotalPass

TotalPass started out as an alternative to what was available in the fitness market at the time. The founders saw a trend that was happening worldwide, which included aggregators. At the time, there was only Gympass in Brazil and ClassPass in the US. Diogo Corona and his partners wanted to launch an alternative for the gym market that wasn’t dependent upon just one single Brazilian aggregator. They firmly believed in the potential in Brazil for more than just one, so they simply created their own.

At first, the idea was just to bring together multiple gym networks and not just Smart Fit. It seemed like it would make better sense to have all of the main gym brands together. However, that particular idea was not well received at the time, so they went in another direction. That’s how TotalPass was started and, in August 2019, Diogo Corona took over and started running the entire project.

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