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If you are a very serious shoe lover you may have heard of an exclusive and upscale brand called Tieks.

These beautiful ballet flats are different than any you have ever seen, owned, or worn. They are made of the finest Italian leather and come in a rainbow of colors. They are foldable and can go into your purse folded and never show any damage from carrying them that way.

Tieks are made to mold to the wearer’s foot and with a flexible midsole with a back that is molded and not made of elastic. They are very durable and are designed to last. The soles are made to provide both shock absorption and traction.

Now that you have decided that you need to buy your first pair and you realize that they cost more than most ballet flats in the market today, your biggest concern is with which color do you begin your collection.

There is an actual quiz online if you are undecided. The quiz is short and has only five questions. They include questions such as in what type of Tieks are you interested? What do you want to be when you grow up? What do you think your usage would be? For special occasions or everyday use?

There is no doubt that they are expensive. Tieks can only be purchased via their online store, the Boutiek. They start at about $185 a pair. You may ask if any ballet flats are really worth that much money. For many reviewers the answer is an absolute YES! Many people are reticent to pay that much money for any pair of shoes yet alone foldable ballet flats.

Reviewers at the Valerie and Valice website argue that they are worth every penny of the purchase price and they say that many people end up with a collection of as many as 5-6 pairs. Refer to this article to learn more.


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