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Yuri Milner wants to help humanity survive in a new space race. The race for extraterrestrial discovery is already happening. Many governments and business leaders are working towards expanding our presence in space through investments in private space enterprises, reusable rockets, asteroid mining, and other technologies like 3D-printed moon bases. Milner’s manifesto builds upon these efforts to change how humans live on Earth by utilizing our technology to manage climate change and ensure that the next generation can survive on the planet.

Breakthrough Initiatives

Advancing the Mission of Exploration

The first goal of the Expedition should be to advance the current mission of exploration as a whole. The race to go beyond our planet will not be won by nations, companies, or individuals that hold back. We need to think big, not only about the commercial opportunity. We must also prepare for the human impact on the entire Earth system and our place within it. And by preparing for those impacts, we can ensure that we do not create an unwelcome or unhealthy change to how living systems operate.

Breakthrough Prize Foundation awards prize to world top scientists with grand gala celebrations - Xinhua |

Eureka Manifesto’s Approach

Since the beginning of the 20th century, the world has been actively engaged in exobiology, studying life beyond Earth. In 2016 the Advanced Exploration Initiative was established to coordinate these efforts, and we are now seeking community input on our future direction. Our plans envision a scenario where 200 people work with their governments, industries, universities and research institutions to advance human knowledge of extraterrestrial life by 2030.


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Yuri Milner, an Israeli technology investor, has shared his Eureka Manifesto with the world, encouraging humanity to explore the cosmos and search for intelligent alien life. In it, Milner writes that humans should be propelling exploration into extraterrestrial territory by relying on technological advancements and living more sustainably. Go Here for related Information.